Medical Recruitment Specialists: Θέσεις εργασίας στο εξωτερικό

Medical Recruitment Specialists

Recruiting and Placing of Doctors in Dubai.

Offices based in Athens, Ireland and Dubai

Current requirements:

  • Cosmetic/Clinical Dermatology Consultant
  • Gastroenterology Consultant(ERCP and EUS)
  • Neonatology Consultant
  • Interventional Cardiologist/Cardiologist
  • Consultant Paediatrician
  • Consultant Gynaecologist (IVF and Foetal Medicine)
  • Consultant Orthopaedic (spinal surgery)

Our Process:

Step 1 – We select the Doctor with the suitable Speciality:

Step 2 – We undertake the Licensing process with the DHA/HAAD/MOH

Step 3 – We negotiate terms on behalf of the candidate and finalise the agreement with the hospital within 30 days


At the termination of the contract employee will receive service award payment (Gratuity) in accordance with U.A.E. labour law. Employee will be entitled to gratuity upon completion of one or more years of continuous service with the hospital. The calculation of the gratuity will be based on your basic salary at the time of termination the agreement.

Annual Leave
The employee will be eligible for a period of annual leave with pay for thirty (30) calendar days each year accrued at the rate of 2.5 days per month (before completion of one year service with the hospital the rate will be 2 days per month), and can carry forward a maximum of two years leave entitlement only, any excess leave will be forfeited. The employee will not be entitled for paid leave before completion of six month with the hospital.

The employer shall keep the right to accept or reject the annual leave or to change the date of commencement of annual leave. Leave encashment is allowed only in exceptional cases with prior written approval from the management, it is calculated only on basic salary.

Sick Leave
The employee is eligible for 15 day’s sick leave per contracted year in accordance with U.A.E labourlaw, subject to provide sick leave certificate from this hospital or from any government hospital in U.A.E.

CME Leave
Continuous Medical Education (CME) Leave After successful completion of six months of service with the hospital, the EMPLOYEE will be entitled to seven calendar days CME leave per year as per hospital policy, such leave to be availed in consultation with the EMPLOYER. Expenses based on actual, will be reimbursed to the EMPLOYEE.

Public Holidays
The employee shall be entitled to all official public holidays prescribed by the Government of U.A.E. in accordance with the labour law with fully pay. Holidays are non-deferrable except when required to meet hospital operational considerations.

Government Expenses and Fees
All charges incurred in processing employment visa, labour card (except for Emirates ID), DHA License fees will be borne by the employer (except for Primary Source Verification for your degrees). If the employee terminates the agreement before the expiry of the term, all the above expenses paid by the employer will be recovered from the employee on a pro-rata basis.

Passage THE EMPLOYER shall provide the EMPLOYEE, spouse and three children below 18 years once a year air tickets between Home Country and Dubai, UAE, Economy class tickets, will be entitled for the annual ticket after completion of 11 month’s continuous service with the hospital. The choice of airline and type of ticket will be at the discretion of the EMPLOYER. The EMPLOYEE may choose to receive cash equivalent in lieu of the tickets.

Medical care The EMPLOYEE shall during his employment hereunder be provided with free medical treatment for himself, spouse and three children below 18 years, as available at the Hospital provided that under no circumstances shall the EMPLOYEE or his dependents be entitled to receive any dental, obstetric or cosmetic treatment, free of charge. The medical care will be provided as per the hospital policy.

Applicants interested in perusing careers inMiddle East please send updated resume,

Email: [email protected]

General enquiries contact: Edel Mulvihill Michailidou 6945474576