Medel Recruitment LTD: Θέσεις εργασίας για ιατρούς στο εξωτερικό


Medical Recruitment Specialists

Recruiting and Placing of Doctors in Dubai.

Offices based in Athens, Ireland and Dubai

Our Process:

Step 1 – We select the Doctor with the suitable Speciality:
a) Conduct Document Assessment

b) Validate Information and Scrutinize Certificates

c) Assessment with Panel Doctors on Suitability

Step 2 – We undertake the Licensing process with the DHA/HAAD/MOH

a) Documentation Process and credential assessment

b) Submit Application for License

c) Obtain Eligibility Letter

Step 3 – We negotiate terms on behalf of the candidate and finalise the agreement with the hospital within 30 days

a) Submit Profile with Eligibility Letter

b) Negotiate with both parties and finalise the employment contract

c) Assist the Candidate with Logistical support such as schooling information, rentals, city info etc.

Benefits to our Clients:

a) Candidate receives free representation

b) Requisition – to – Hire period is exactly 45 days including interviews

c) 98.5% Offer acceptance ratio

d) We are extremely flexible and provide customised solutions

Applicants interested in perusing careers in Middle East please contact by email: [email protected]

or call Edel Mulvihill Michailidou 6945 474576